Healing is the greatest gift we can share with one another

Thank you for visiting us. A warm welcome whether you be a Trainee Healer, a Practicing Healer, an Associate or just a casual contact.

Treading a healing pathway is a most exciting journey. As we learn and realise we expand our consciousness and so reach a state of greater understanding, and compassion to be aware that life is all one and that we are responsible collectively and individually. This brings a responsibility and also a great freedom.

So, enjoy your journey, make your contribution and you will be surprised at the results – as so many already are.

Jon Mabey

MESSAGE - March --June 2018 from the magazine

My wish for you is peace, health, and happiness through-
out 2018. I realise I am rather late but as this is our first
Journal of the year, it is the first opportunity I have had.

Subscriptions are due on April 1st. Please pay promptly
and so save our Membership Secretary extra work having to
chase late payers. THANK YOU.

We once again give our thanks to Eastbourne Church for allowing us to hold our Annual General Meetings, our Committee Meetings, and our Full Healer Interviews on their premises. Also thank-you to those Members who offered to help with those Meetings.

I want to give a big vote of thanks to all the Committee Members for all they have done to ensure the smooth running of the Association. A special warm welcome to Mrs Jayne Steel who kindly came forward to be Subscription Secretary for West Sussex. Thank you, Jayne.

We hope to have the pleasure of the company of some of you at our forthcoming meetings. Firstly, the Seminar at Steyning on the 29th April, and then at the Annual General Meeting on the 19th May. All information enclosed.

We also welcome Mr Laurie Storer who was co-opted onto the Committee at our Committee Meeting on the 18th November 2017.

Now, a further wish to all our Members. I sincerely hope that 2018 will be a year of spiritual growth for you with awareness of the needs of others and your ability to develop the Healing Energies to help all those in need.

Our lovely planet does need the help of all of us for troubles both natural and man-made, so enfold everything and all things in the Light, which when joined with others, will bring about the changes that are necessary.