Healing is the greatest gift we can share with one another

Thank you for visiting us. A warm welcome whether you be a Trainee Healer, a Practicing Healer, an Associate or just a casual contact.

Treading a healing pathway is a most exciting journey. As we learn and realise we expand our consciousness and so reach a state of greater understanding, and compassion to be aware that life is all one and that we are responsible collectively and individually. This brings a responsibility and also a great freedom.

So, enjoy your journey, make your contribution and you will be surprised at the results – as so many already are.

Jon Mabey

MESSAGE - November 2018 - February 2019
from the magazine

Warm greetings and my best wishes to each one of you
and I do hope you all keep well and have enjoyed the
summer months. Now is the time to sttle down and prepare for what I hope will  be a kind winter.

I'm sure you will agree with me that the most important things in our lives are the relationships we have with others, whether they be family or friends. I feel I have been fortunate with both. These relationships should be prized as being the most valuable assets we possess. Those of us who are more mature - in other words, getting on a bit - realise this more as time passes and the ranks thin out a bit - or quite a lot.

Nature is kind and mostly allows us to forget the rough times and remember the good, and so we can indulge in beautiful memories of those we have loved. How comforting this can be. Yes, of course we miss them and would love to have them back, but we can be happy for them that they have earned the right to move forward and take pleasure in knowing that our turn will surely come!

There are a lot of seemingly trivial tasks we have to take care of day by day, but these tasks can so often be those that are helpful to others and we may not even realise it. To me it comes under the umbrella of Healing. The bit of shopping, the popping in for a short visit, a telephone call, a cheery smile can make such a difference. Having been on the receiving end I know what a difference little things can make to help carry us through.

So, never under value yourself. Your contribution matters and does make a difference to someone, somewhere. We must be conscious of both giving and receiving as this positive goes out to contribute to that great light that encircles the world and allows the Healing to reach all who are in need - and there are so many who need help.

So, I wish you all well in the good work that you do. Keep well and happy and spread that around your being so that you can give upliftment to all who come into contact with you. Like ripples on the pond you never know how far reaching your thoughts and actions can be.
Take care of yourselves - you do matter.