Dates for your Diary


7th July                            Committee Meeting Eastbourne

21st July                           Full Healer Interviews Eastbourne

14th October                    Autumn Seminar Bexhill Manor Barn East Sussex

17th November                 Committee Meeting

1st December                    Full Healer Interviews  

30th June 2019                60 years SHA Celebration in Bexhill          

SEMINAR 2018   

Good news for autumn is a return to our seminar platform of Andy Thomas whose presentation several years ago on the paranormal and his images of crop circles amazed us all. His talk, this time at the Manor Barn, Bexhill, on Sunday 14th October, will have relevance for us all, and tickets for the event are to be very popular. The application form/flyer appears in this issue of the Sussex Healer and as there will not be another magazine and therefore a reminder before the seminar, it would be a good plan to get your tickets early.

ANDY THOMAS - a Positive Approach to Complex TimesAndy Thomas takes a sideways look at the continual media focus on ‘fake news’, ‘post truth’, Donald Trump, Brexit and so on, and questions some of the assumptions being made about these areas. Was there really ever a pre-’post-truth’ era, and if news is fake, which news, and who should be the arbiters of truth? Proposed ‘solutions’ seriously risk closing down legitimate alternative enquiry. We live in an era that some ancient cultures believed would be transformational - rather than living in ‘dark’ times we keep being told they are, could the challenges we are being presented with actually be the very things that help usher in a new and better world? Andy explains how we can deal more positively with the current information overload and make more sense of undoubtedly complex times.

Andy is one of the world’s leading researchers into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence, together with several guides to crop circles and paranormal phenomena. Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on mysteries and truth issues, and is also the co-MC for the annual Glastonbury Symposium truth conference.

HELEN SEWELL - The Astrological Ages and the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
Every 2000 years or so we enter a new Astrological Age and this has a massive effect on human evolutionary development both culturally and spiritually. In this talk Helen will be looking back over the last few Ages and the planets which rule them to show you clearly the impact these have had and, more importantly, what we can expect over the next 2000 years now that we are already in the transition period from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We are living in exceptional times and astrology can help us enormously in understanding the ‘bigger picture’ and not just go blindly into the future.
Seminar contact: Pauline 01424 216833